Paper Piecing Starter Kit
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Paper Piecing Starter Kit

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Being successful at foundational paper piecing requires having the proper tools This Starter Kit includes not just the basic tools, but some of the best products on the market to really make your first paper piecing project a success. And best of all, you don't have to drive all over town! This starter kit will save you time and best of money. 

Starter Kit Includes:

1 Set)   Add a Quarter Rulers - The specially designed lip on this ruler automatically allows 1/4 inch seam allowance to any angle for your rotary cutter. Set includes both the 6" and 12" rulers.

- Tapered edge to fold back foundation.
- Wider for easier handling.
- Use one tool for straight edge and for trimming 1/4" seam allowance.
- Paper piece faster with less motion.

1)   Sewline Glue Pen and Bonus Refill - Wonderful time saver for English Paper Piecing. This clever glue stick means the end of sewing around pins! A water-soluble blue glue that dries clear and quick.

1)  Seam Align Gentle Hold Fabric Glue and Easy Press Pen with Easy Press Solution

- Seam Align glue is designed to gently hold two pieces of fabric together to prevent shifting. It will not leave a ring around the needle or mess up your sewing area. There is no hard dot of glue for a needle to hit and deflect. It is totally water soluble and non-toxic.

- Easy Press Pen +Refill - Designed by Shelley and Bernie Tobisch, this highly-effective, proprietary solution makes it easy to create accurate, flat seams every time.


1 plastic template for folding your foundation papers

1 Scotch Repositionable Glue Stitch

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