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Our WASHABLE masks are BREATHABLE - ADJUSTABLE . PLUS each comes with a washable, non-woven filter. In addition the adult masks have a pocket where you can place an N95 of KN95 if you choose. The elastic goes around the head and is adjustable. The elastic is not sewn to the mask, but rather moves through the mask, so if you prefer elastic around the ears, you can easily convert the elastic to this style.

Our masks have a stainless steal 304 grade nose strips which will not rust when washed even in a washing machine.

Please follow all CDC guidelines when wearing and practice social distancing.These are not intended as proper PPE.

If you live in Montana choose First Class Shipping - it will get to you faster than Priority. Orders over $100 ship Standard First Class FREE nationwide.

To see a video of how to wear our masks click here: