Pre-Made Binding for Crimson Poppy - Sew Fly Colorway
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Pre-Made Binding for Crimson Poppy - Sew Fly Colorway

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When we decided to re-order fabrics for more Sew Fly Quilts Crimson Poppy colorway, we ordered wide backing and fabric for pre-made binding. Save time and energy with this gorgeous, cotton quilt binding. This is a PRE-ORDER item and will ship when we receive our order from Free Spirit.

This item is 1 1/4'' inch quilt binding (2 1/2” strip folded in half) made from Onion Rings by Brandon Mabley for Free Spirit Fabric. Largest ring is 6.25'' in diameter, and black on a white background. Total binding yardage is 8 yards.

This fabric is cut on the crosswise grain, NOT on the bias, but the strips are joined together on the bias to reduce bulk when attaching the binding to your quilt.

2 1/2'' wide strip cut cross-wise of the grain and folded in half
1 1/4'' wide finished binding
Hand made

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