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Memory Quilts

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Memory Quilts can commemorate someone who has passed or your child's first year of clothing. We can use almost any piece of clothing except clothing that CAN'T be laundered (i.e. silk etc.) And memory quilts should be a throw size so it can be draped over a chair, on a couch or even hung as a wall hanging. We will go through the clothing you send us to determine if it can be used or not and will let you know.

The best clothing items are woven cottons and cotton blends, but we can also use knits. Knits are so common these days in baby clothes and we treat them just like we do t-shirts by stabilizing them to prevent distortion.

Your Memory Quilt will be custom designed determined by the clothing sizes, colors etc as well as whom it is being made to commemorate.

Memory Quilt Pricing and Sizing

Approximately 48" x 62" Throw or 42" x 42" Wall Hanging

Starting at $260 - $500 depending on design complexity and accept fabrics chosen.

The memory quilts pictured:

One is made from the first year of a little girl's clothing and the other is made from preschool art printed on fabric as an anniversary gift to a husband.

I reserve commission slots for Memory Quilts the same way I do T-shirt Quilts, with a non-refundable $100 deposit. Once you reserve your slot I contact you to work out all the details and will begin the quilt upon receiving the memory fabric/clothes.