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Aboriginal Art Collection Fabric Masks

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Aboriginal Art is one of the more ancient traditional arts in the world, going back approximately 50,000 years. Initially a nomadic people, Aboriginals collect their food from a nature they revere and respect. The Aboriginal paintings portrayed on these fabrics honor this simple way of living, their ancestral lands and the ancient teachings of their forefathers while also illustrating the individual artist’s personal fears, frustrations and desires.

This collection of fabrics are more like a lightweight Pima Cotton which is perfect for these hot summer months.

Our WASHABLE masks are BREATHABLE - ADJUSTABLE - PLUS each comes with a sewn-in, non-woven filter. In addition the adult masks have a sewn-in nose strips and a pocket where you can place an N95 of KN95 if you choose. The elastic goes around the head and is adjustable. The elastic is not sewn to the mask, but rather moves through the mask, so if you prefer elastic around the ears, you can easily convert the elastic to this style.

Please follow all CDC guidelines when wearing and practice social distancing.These are not intended as proper PPE.

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M&S Textiles Australia is the world’s largest manufacturer of Australian Aboriginal designer fabrics. They are also the first fabric manufacturers in history to create a Fusion of Australian Aboriginal and Australian Floral Designs.

M&S Textiles have had the privilege to work with creative artists in making their stories heard. Selecting designs yearly from artists, is always challenging, with versatility in their art, the colours and more importantly their stories. M&S Textiles, value the artists need and how they want to be perceived. In combining their memorizing art along with quality fabrics, they are able to immortalize their stories and allow our customers to be voices of the stories that comes from the land under.