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Statler Ascend

Introducing the new Statler Ascend, featuring the latest in
stitching accuracy and speed technology!
There are three ways to purchase the Statler Ascend:

  1.  As a complete quilting system
  2. As an upgrade to an existing Statler machine that has a Mod G or newer  controller and Breeze Track
  3. As a retrofit for any Gammill machine with a throat space of at least 22 inches


You want limitless possibilities to create beautiful works of art for yourself or your quilting clients. Find all the tools you need from the experts who created computerized quilting more than 25 years ago. Select from more than 1,000 included patterns, use the intuitive software to quilt edge-to-edge, or create a completely customized design. Statler by Gammill places your stitches perfectly.

Vision 2.0 Hand Guided

Whether your quilt is for a show entry, your favorite customer, or your grandchild’s crib, we know you want the quilting to shine. Your machine is the key to your success and each of your quilts deserve only the best. You can trust your Gammill to give you the highest quality stitching available. You can achieve your dreams of award-winning quilts, satisfied customers and, of course, happy grandchildren.