Guest Artists

A Paper Knife Studio

Georgia born artist and maker Sarahjess Hurt, went Georgia State University where she studied ceramics and developed a love of surface design and drawing. She continued her education in the heart of the Bitterroots in Missoula Montana where she gained a graduate degree at The University of Montana Missoula in 2012. There she developed her own technique and fusion with a variety of materials: fabric, metals, ceramic as well as intricate playful drawings.Sarahjess now resides in Belgrade Montana, where she continues her own studio practice making jewelry and ceramics.

My workshop life is a balance between making and mothering. I have a 2 year old son and he is usually alongside me making his own little mess. Work depends on what I'm inspired by at the moment. This summer I was really interested in western themed pieces, as we move into fall circles and movement have found their way into my work.
I am definitely a tactile person, I've always needed my hands to be working with
something to feel totally at ease. Making is a zen place for me, it's as much about the
process of making as it is the final piece.

There is something about a handmade object that makes us feel connected to the
human that made it. It's almost like holding a moment in time, you know energy and love were put into.


Emma Jacquelynn Art


I am a jewelry maker, watercolor painter, and potter based in Montana.

I have always pursued art and studied at Watkins College of Art and the University of Montana. The south western US and desert landscapes where I have lived and worked are some of the major influences in my work.

I am fascinated with architecture and our environment; how shapes and colors make us feel and act. How art history has helped shape our society.

I think and process through art and I especially love when I can bring art into my everyday through fashion and function.