Professional Quilting Services

Give your quilt the perfect finishing touch with our professional longarm quilting services. We have thousands of digital patterns from which to choose whether you are looking for edge-to-edge or full custom quilting. You can mail or bring your quilt to the Sew Fly Studio or you can drop it off at The Confident Stitch in downtown Missoula.

If you are mailing us a quilt, please print this form, fill it out and include it with your quilt. You will mail it to P.O. Box 406, Milltown, Montana 59851. Once it is received, you will be contacted to discuss design etc. When the quilt is completed, you will receive an invoice for the quilting as well as return shipping.


Edge-to-Edge Quilting

Fees 2.5 cents per square inch

Minimum fee for a edge-to-edge quilting is $50.


Edge-to-Edge with Borders

Fees 2.75 cents per square inch


Edge-to-Edge with Complex Borders

Fees 3.5 cents per square inch


Pattern to Boundary with Borders

Fees 3.75 cents per square inch


Custom Quilting

Want specific patterns in specific spaces? Well then you want custom quilting!  We offer lots of different options including combining digital with hand guided quilting.

Custom Digital Quilting

Meaning we set up blocks and borders with specific digital quilting designs.

Fees 4.5 cents per square inch

Multiply Length x Width x PRICE


Minimum fees for a custom quilting project are $100



Judy Niemeyer Custom Quilting

Have a Judy Niemeyer quilt you need fully custom quilted?

Fees are 9.0 cents per square inch

11.00 center per square inch with heaving Stitch in the Ditch

Hand Guided Custom Quilting

 All hand guided quilting is billed at $20/hour in addition to any other services such as digital designs selected.


To get an ESTIMATE of what your quilt will cost, choose a service above and


Multiply Length x Width x PRICE



Call or text us at (406-600-6176) for current turn-around times as it will vary based on the number of quilt commissions we have in queue. You can also email for mailing and drop off instructions.

Rush orders can usually be accommodated for an additional fee.